Brittany, the land of a more secure digital environment

The digital transformation is an urgent challenge for the performance and sustainability of European businesses and public services.
In this post-COVID world, DIH-Bretagne is already taking up this challenge and is proud to have been pre-selected by the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) as part of the European Commission’s EDIH European call for proposals under the Digital Europe programme. This new regional collaboration will enable the development of a more resilient and secure economy, preserving the planet and supported by SMEs closer to the end user.

What is DIH-Bretagne?

A concentration of the best regional services to accelerate the digitalization of the Breton economy.

The aim of this new one-stop shop is to support Breton companies by rethinking their organisation, business model, tools and methods. It places the client and the human being at the heart of Transitions in line with the objectives of the Breizh Cop.

Its specialisation in cybersecurity is a key asset for its development and its integration into the heart of European networks of innovative ecosystems.


partners mobilised to respond to the calls for projects of the Digital Europe programme.

Our services

DIH-Bretagne is a strategic tool to support and accelerate the digitalisation of industries and their suppliers. It gives you access to a wide and complete range of services on a European scale.

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at the European level

Federate the
Breton digital ecosystem

Key Figures

  • 50.000

    jobs in the digital sector
  • 156

    cybersecurity companies
  • 220

    electronics companies
  • 1200

    data and intelligence establishments
  • 540

    industrial projects supported by BreizhFab