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DIH-Bretagne is a strategic tool to support industries and digital innovators. It provides SMEs and industrialists with a broad and complete range of services.

A concentration of the best regional services

DIH-Bretagne brings together several entities and tools that are already active in Brittany, which are pooling their strengths to facilitate and accelerate the digital transformation of the Breton economy. It will help to strengthen and expand the Research and Innovation digital ecosystem in the region.

Technopoles, regional agencies, chambers of commerce, market and technology ‘clusters’, technology transfer organizations, and competence centres are contributing their services to the initiative to focus on 4 services with a European ambition.

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay
  • Test before investing

    The partners, including the IRT b<>com and the PEC, will make their validation platforms available around key technologies such as cyber, 5G, immersion, AI application execution environment?

  • Train talents

    Actors in lifelong learning and academics will offer a catalog of courses on both digital technology and its uses in business, with a particular focus on cybersecurity solutions.

  • Help in the search for funding/investment

    Partners, including technopoles, will contribute their know-how on start-up/investor relations (incubators, gas pedals, fundraising, etc.) and funding opportunities for Research and Innovation projects.

  • Strengthen cooperation at the European level

    In order to integrate and increase the regional presence within the European networks of innovation, research and business, several levels of networking are targeted: the linking of needs and offers of digitization via a “Digital Market Place”, the promotion, at the European level, of technologies and skills of the territory and partners (exhibitions or “learning expeditions”, hosting delegations, mapping tools such as CRAFT …).

  • Federate the Breton digital ecosystem

    The “one-stop shop” will be set up to federate the Breton ecosystem via a single catalog of services contributing to the digital transformation of industries.

    This “Help desk” will provide contextual, first-level technological information before directing the user to the best interlocutor.